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7' 3" HXF 1/2-2oz "BAMA SHAKER" (casting)

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7' 3" Heavy power Extra Fast action "Bama Shaker"

Heavy cover swim jigs are a staple in our neck of the woods and we feel you would be hard pressed to find a better taper for the job than the one found on our “Bama Shaker”. The tip has a certain “bounce” to it that absolutely excels at shaking swim jigs during the retrieve. That “bounce” also pairs perfectly to a 1/2oz pop frog around isolated cover. Larger walking baits are on the list as well. At just 4.5oz, this one will keep you shakin’, poppin’, and walkin’ with a smile on your face!

Components and Specs

- Fuji POINT BLANK rod blank

- Dual locking Fuji PTS reel seat with carbon fiber insert

- MHX WinnDry polymer split grip

- Open hook keeper

- Fuji K-series braid ready Tangle Free Guides

- Heavy duty KB running guides are size 5 to easily pass leader knots

* Lure rating 1/2-2oz

* Rear handle length 11in

* Finished rod weight 4.5oz

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