Design Features

The pinnacle of handmade performance and quality, BEKUSTOM POINT BLANK rods are built on the incredibly light and responsive Fuji POINT BLANK rod blanks. Built with a minimalistic design approach yet featuring heavy duty, bullet-proof components and construction.

The blanks are raw, and lightly sanded to maximize sensitivity and minimize weight. There is no paint or epoxy coating covering the blank to add weight or dull sensitivity. These slightly textured blanks also provide an ideal surface for the premium Gen4 thread epoxy and slow cure adhesives to adhere to for a lifetime of service. Guides are wrapped with premium nylon thread which provides increased epoxy adhesion to the blank.

Many models feature WinnDry polymer grips that are extremely comfortable, maintain tact in any weather and look great year after year. These polymer grips feel better in hand than any other Winn grip we have found.

Tournament proven reel seats are carefully chosen to best match the intended techniques for each rod. Balance points and guide spacing have been tuned for each model as well.

Standard production models feature braid ready Fuji tangle free K-series guides with Faz-light inserts. Single foot guides are Fuji’s KB model that feature an extra strong frame and guide foot. These single foot guides have the strength to handle mid blank stress the same as a double foot guide. After the stripper guide on all baitcasting models, we switch to the KB guides for the rest of the rod to maximize strength while reducing weight at the same time. The guides also feature a “serrated” shaped guide foot that locks the guides into the thread wrap to ensure they never pull out. Casting running guides are size 5 and spinning running guides are size 6 to easily pass braid to leader knots.

Among the lightest and most sensitive rods ever built, BEKUSTOM POINT BLANK rod blanks also have the brute strength and low-end power required by today’s anglers and are backed by a Mfg. limited lifetime warranty.

When you are ready to elevate your game with rods featuring top notch components and meticulous craftmanship and construction, you can’t miss with a BEKUSTOM POINT BLANK Rod!